Compact Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meter

This is a portable, accurate and reliable compact clamp on ultrasonic flow meter.It is small in size, light in weight, intelligent and easy to install. The ultrasonic flowmeter is equipped with a liquid crystal display, which can display instantaneous flow, cumulative flow, etc

Product Description

Compact  clamp on ultrasonic flowmeter is applicable to DN15~DN40 small diameter metal pipes and resin pipes, stainless steel, iron, copper, PVC and other materials. It can also measure water, seawater, alkali and other single fluid media.


 Display instantaneous flow and cumulative flow

 Monitor the flow rate reading directly on the device.
 With the help of output, could send the information to PLC,central control room and etc.
 Record the data to improve efficiency.
 It can be optionally equipped with an ultrasonic heat meter to monitor and measure energy consumption.

Product parameters:

 No moving parts or pressure loss

 Suitable for most clean and non aerated liquids
 Compact structure with display
 Non contact clamping installation, quick installation
 No need for professional product knowledge, simple and fast installation and measurement
 Installation can be completed without system shutdown or traffic interruption
 No cutting pipe, no drilling.
 Applicable to all common pipe materials

Application Range
1.Water, hot water, chilled water, seawater
2.Chemical supply system
3.HVAC hot and cold water, water/glycol solution
4.Monitoring of water distribution network
5.Beverage and food processing
Technical Specification

Nominal Dia (mm)
DN 15~DN 40
±2%,±1% Optional
0.1 - 5 m/s
256*128 LCD
Display Unit
Standard Unit in M3, Litre
Process Temperature
Data Storage 
over 10 years,data read/write frequency:over 1 million times
Sensor Protection Class
IP 65
Copper, Plastic, Steel, Iron, Stainless Steel.etc
Std. 4 – 20 mA.OCT(pulse)/One relay alarm (please contact the factory)
Modbus RS485
Power supply
10-24V VDC
Environment temperature
-10 to 60°C (No freezing)
cable length
2m(standard ), PT1000 sensor standard cable length is 9m
Flow range:

Pipe size (DN)
Upper flow value(L/min)
60 L/m
100 L/m
200 L/m
300 L/m
400 L/m
Notice: The minimum measurable pipe size is the inner diameter >/= 12mm

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