Water flow meter

The common water flow meters are mainly ultrasonic water flow meters, ultrasonic water meters, electromagnetic flow meters, turbine flow meters, etc. the main function in the water resources system is to measure the instantaneous flow, instantaneous flow rate, cumulative flow and other data of the water flow in the pipeline. Below we briefly introduce their application conditions, advantages and disadvantages.

Product Description

Shengda water meter produce many types of water flow meters,which are widely used for Wastewater.Industry water,Sewage water,Drinking water.Irrigation,etc.our flow meter can make the damands of pipeline from DN2~DN6000,the following water flow meters are common used for water treatment,please send us details of your project,so our engineer will sugeest best solution for you.

1.Electromagnetic flowmeter .this type water flow meter can be produced with carbon steel or stainless steel.

AdvantageIt has many advantages such as high measurement accuracy, large storage capacity, fast response speed, simple structure and low failure rate. It is widely used for flow measurement in water supply and drainage, irrigation, water treatment, sewage measurement and control and other fields.

2. Turbine flow meter is also named bulk water meter,which used in large-scale water projects.

3. Ultrasonic water flow meter is widely used for on-line measurement of various liquids in the industrial field, especially for the measurement of various water.which is divided into wall mounted type, handheld type and portable type; There are three types of sensors: clamp type, plug-in type and in-line type. 

Advantages: no requirements for water flow medium, non-contact, no pressure loss, and the protection grade of the sensor reaches IP68, which can be used for various pipeline flow measurement. Moreover, the measuring range is wide and the installation are convenient.
Ultrasonic flow meter also has the advantages of automatic data storage, convenient carrying. Compared with electromagnetic flow meter, the installation of ultrasonic flowmeter on large pipe diameter (especially pipe diameter above 1000mm) has obvious advantages,the cost is relatively low, and the maintenance is convenient.

Application Range

Water,Wastewater.Industry water.

Sewage treatment

Drinking water distribution networks.

Leakage detection.


Technical Specification

MAG flow meter

Ultrasonic flowmeter

Turbine flowmeter

Installation type




In-line(thread,flang, tri-clamping)

Clamp on


In-line(thread,flang, tri-clamping)

Measured diameter




Measured flow range

Wide can measure low flow rate


Less than the other two





Pressure loss








Installation cost


Very low


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