Stainless steel magnetic flow meter

Stainless steel electromagnetic flow meter is widely used in occasions requiring sanitation and cleaning, such as liquid drinks, daily cosmetics and medicine, as well as the measurement of corrosive solutions in industrial departments such as metallurgy and chemical industry.

Product Description

Compared with the general electromagnetic flow meter, stainless steel electromagnetic flowmeter has the advantages of sanitation, cleaning, acid resistance and corrosion resistance. 


♦ Measure instantaneous flow,Measure the cumulative flow.Two way measurement system, forward total amount, reverse total amount and difference total amount, can display positive and reverse flow.

♦ Lower limit of flow alarm.Flow limit alarm.Pipeline empty pipe alarm,Instrument failure alarm.

♦ Flow limit setting,Flow Range setting

♦ Anti radio interference function

♦ Total flow is recorded in hours/minutes/seconds

♦ Output: pulse signal, output current signal.

♦ Transmit the collected data to the operating system or automatic control system through communication cable or wireless mode


1.Sanitary and easy to clean.

2.Corrosion resistance, wide range of applications

3.Full digital quantity processing, strong anti-interference, reliable measurement, high precision, flow measurement range up to 150:1

4.Adopts 16 bit embedded microprocessor, 2 * 16 LCD display, convenient parameter setting and reliable programming.

5.No movable parts and flow blocking parts in the pipeline, Almost no additional pressure loss in the measurement.

6.Measuring range can be modified according to needs of users.

7.The measurement results are independent of physical parameters such as velocity distribution, fluid pressure, temperature, density and viscosity.

8.High definition backlit LCD display, all English menu operation, easy to use and simple to operate

Self inspection function.

Application Range

Liquid drinks

Daily cosmetics and medicine

Metallurgy and chemical industry

Industry water,Leakage detection

Water purification and desalination

All kinds of liquid treatment

Technical Specification

Nominal Dia (mm)
DN 15~DN 300
± 0.2%, ± 0.3%,±0.5%(flowrate<1m/s) .Optional
Measuring Range
Conductivity of medium
more than 5μS/cm
Display Unit
Standard Unit in M3, Litre
Process Temperature
Process Pressure
Sensor Protection Class
IP 65,IP67,IP68.Optional
Flow Tube Material
Material of Construction
Electrode Material
SS316L, Hastelloy B/C, Tantalum,Ti,Stainless steel coated tungsten carbide,Platinum iridium alloy.etc.
Liner material
Flange Standard
End Connection
Power Supply
AC220 V/DC24 V/DC3.6V
Std. 4 – 20 mA,0Hz~5kHz
Cable Length 
Std 10 meters(Customizable)
Inline Flange Type.
Std RS485,RS485 Modbus RTU (RS232,MODBUS,HART,PROFIBUS-DP,Optional)
LCD Display
Smart /Remote

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