Magnetic flow meter with ceramic tube

The ceramic lined magnetic flow meter is different from the ordinary magnetic flow meter. It has the advantages that the ordinary electromagnetic flow meter does not have, such as high temperature resistance, smooth internal surface, and easy disinfection. Suitable for acid, alkali, high temperature liquid, high viscosity, even high solid content slurry and many other corrosive media.

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Product Description


♦ High hardness, excellent wear resistance (more than 10 times of polyurethane rubber)

♦ High smoothness, suitable for slurry measurement

♦ Good pressure resistance,high pressure flowmeter

♦ Excellent heat resistance and cold and hot shock performance, capable of measuring liquid at 180 ° C

♦ Excellent corrosion resistance, smoothness, suitable for acid, alkali, high viscosity, even high solid content of slurry and many other corrosive media.

♦ Negative pressure resistant, customizable capacitive electromagnetic flowmeter


♦ Automatic control system through communication cable or wireless mode(LORAWAN/4G/NB-IOT/LoRa.)

♦ Measure instantaneous flow and cumulative flow

♦ Flow limit setting and flow Range setting.

♦ Lower limit of flow alarm,Flow limit alarm,Pipeline empty pipe alarm,Instrument failure alarm.

♦ Anti radio interference function

♦ Total flow is recorded in hours/minutes/seconds

♦ Output: pulse signal, output current signal.

♦ Two way measurement system, forward total amount, reverse total amount and difference total amount, can display positive and reverse flow.

♦ Remote transmission function: remote transmission of data and parameters at regular intervals, or manual trigger transmission.

Application Range

1.Measurement and control of food hygiene filling

2.Syrup, corn syrup, beverages and other fluids with high viscosity

3.Pulp, cement slurry and pulp measurement

4.Coal water slurry measurement

Technical Specification

Max Teperature of liqud Chemical resistance
Abrasion resistance


PTFE ≤ 180 ºC
Good Medium
3/8” –24”
PFA + steel wire gauze
≤ 180 ºC
Good  Medium
1/10” –12”
PP + steel wire gauze
≤ 90 ºC
Good Low
1/10” –12
Hard rubber
≤ 80 ºC
Low Low Low
1” –120”
≤ 80 ºC
Low Good Low
1” –120”
≤ 65 ºC
Low Good Low
2” –64”
≤ 180 ºC
Great Great Great 1/10” –10”

Nominal Dia (mm)

DN 3~DN 250


± 0.2%, ± 0.3%,±0.5% .Optional

Measuring Range


Conductivity of medium

more than 5μS/cm

Display Unit

Standard Unit in M3, Litre

Process Temperature


Process Pressure


Sensor Protection Class

IP 65,IP67,IP68.Optional

Vacuum degree

0 mbar0 psi

Material of Construction

Carbon steel/SS304/SS316L

Electrode Material

Synthesis of Carbide and Alumina/ platinum iridium alloy and alumina

Liner material

99.8% high purity alumina ceramic

Power Supply

AC220 V/DC24 V/DC3.6V


Std. 4 – 20 mA,0Hz~5kHz


Flang or Tri-Clamp


Std RS485,RS485 Modbus RTU (RS232,MODBUS,HART,PROFIBUS-DP,Optional)


LCD Display


Smart /Remote

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