Ultrasonic flow meter

Ultrasonic flowmeter measures the flow of liquid in the tube. Ultrasonic flow meters are accurate in measurement, reliable in operation, and more suitable for industrial sites. The converter forms are:handheld, portable, wall-mounted, modular,the sensor forms are:plug-in,inline,and clamping.

Product Description

Types of ultrasonic flow meter for your choose:

1.Wall-mounted ultrasonic flow meter.Used for pipe diameter DN25~DN6000.

2.Handheld ultrasonic flow meter .Used for pipe diameter DN25~DN6000.


3.Modular ultrasonic flow meter.Used for pipe diameter DN25~DN6000.

4.Compact Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meter.used for pipe diameter DN15~DN40.

5.Portable ultrasonic flow meter.Used for pipe diameter DN25~DN6000.

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1.Measure instantaneous flow and cumulative flow.

2.Measure the flow rate

3.Measure the energy

4.Two way measurement system, forward total amount, reverse total amount and difference total amount, can display positive and reverse flow.


♦ No pressure loss,No contact with liquid
♦ It does not block the path of liquid flow.
♦ The flow of liquid is bidirectional
♦ The output of this instrument is analog
♦ Easy installation and maintenance

♦ There is no risk of leakage,High precision

Application Range

Water (hot water,cold water,waste water,etc).

Beverage, food and pharmaceutical processors.

Power plants, Metallurgy.

Pipeline leak detection, inspection.

Technical Specification

Types of claming on sensor 

Flow transducer Model measuring range Temperature
Clamp on TS-2(small) DN25-DN100 -30°C~90°C
TM-1(medium) DN50-DN700
TL-1(large) DN300-DN6000
High temp Clamp on TS-2-HT(small) DN25-DN100 -30°C~160°C
TM-1-HT(medium) DN50-DN700
TL-1-HT(large) DN300-DN6000
Insertion TC-1(standard) DN50-DN6000 -30°C~160°C
TP-1(parallel) DN80-DN6000
Inline standard DN15-DN1000 -30°C~160°C
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