Smart electromagnetic flow meter

Smart electromagnetic flow meter is used to measure conductivity greater than 5 μS/cm volume flow of conductive liquid. Smart Electromagnetic flow meter support RS485 Modbus RTU(GPRSS/4G/NB-IOT/LoRa.) communication option. collected data through AMI/AMR systems.

Product Description


♦ Automatic control system through communication cable or wireless mode(GPRSS/4G/NB-IOT/LoRa.)

♦ Measure instantaneous flow and cumulative flow

♦ .Flow limit setting and flow Range setting.

♦ Lower limit of flow alarm,Flow limit alarm,Pipeline empty pipe alarm,Instrument failure alarm.

♦ Anti radio interference function

♦ Total flow is recorded in hours/minutes/seconds

♦ Output: pulse signal, output current signal.

♦ Two way measurement system, forward total amount, reverse total amount and difference total amount, can display positive and reverse flow.

♦ Remote transmission function: remote transmission of data and parameters at regular intervals, or manual trigger transmission.


1.Full digital quantity processing, strong anti-interference, reliable measurement, high precision, flow measurement range up to 150:1

2.Parameter configuration can be conveniently carried out through infrared remote control, magnetic pen, and LCD screen.

3.IP68 protection level, waterproof, moisture-proof, and anti-soaking.

4.Standard SIM card, users do not need to open the cover, which greatly guarantees the waterproof performance.Support remote configuration parameters

5.The powerful server background processing function provides intuitive and convenient query, analysis, and alarm prompt functions for various application scenarios.

6.Support browser, mobile phone App and other methods to view data, remote configuration parameters, firmware upgrades, etc.

7.No movable parts and flow blocking parts in the pipeline, Almost no additional pressure loss in the measurement.

8.Measuring range can be modified according to needs of users.

9.The measurement results are independent of physical parameters such as velocity distribution, fluid pressure, temperature, density and viscosity.

10.High definition backlit LCD display, all English menu operation, easy to use and simple to operate

Self inspection function.

Application Range

Wastewater.Sewage treatment.

Slurry, chemical,Industry water.

Water purification and desalination.


Drinking water,Irrigation.

Revenue metering or billing.

Leakage detection.

Technical Specification

MAG Flow Meter

wireless communication basis on GPRS/LoRa/4G/NB-Iot


Pressure measurement function


1.0Mpa, 1.6Mpa,4.0Mpa,others


DN15~DN300(1/2 inch~12 inch)


 24 VDC,220 VAC/Battery 3.6 VDC(working 3-6years)


Std. 4 – 20 mA,0Hz~5kHz




Neoprene, Polyurethane rubber, natural rubber,PFA, PTFE,etc,

Electrode Material

SS316L(standards), Hastelloy B/C,etc.


± 0.2%, ± 0.3%,±0.5%(flowrate<1m/s) .Optional

Measuring Range


Display Unit

Standard Unit in m³, Litre

Process Temperature


Protection Class

IP 65,IP67,IP68.Optional

Flow Tube Material


Construction Material

Mild steel/Stainless steel

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