Portable ultrasonic flowmeter

Portable ultrasonic flowmeter realizes the non-contact measurement of the liquid flow. The sensor is installed on the outer wall of the pipeline to complete the flow measurement. Convenient and accurate, built-in printer and SD card memory, can print the set measurement value instantly or regularly.

Product Description


1.Measure instantaneous flow.Measure the cumulative flow.

2.Measure the flow rate.Measure the energy.

3.Two way measurement system, forward total amount, reverse total amount and difference total amount, can display positive and reverse flow.


♦ Adopt non-contact measurement method.Wide measuring range

♦ There are no moving mechanical parts, and it is not affected by system pressure and harsh environment.

♦ Very wide application.Large screen LCD display,small size, light weight

♦ Convenient to carry, equipped with aluminum alloy protective box, waterproof, dustproof and shockproof.

♦ Built in data recorder and rechargeable battery.

♦ Fault self diagnosis function, no data loss after power failure.

Application Range

Water, pure water, seawater, sewage.

Chemical liquids,fuel oil and other fluids.

Water conservancyMetallurgy

Technical Specification

Portable ultrasonic flowmeter


flow ±1%, heat ±2%

Tube diameter:


Flow rate


Measuring medium temperature:



10000ppm, and the bubble content is small

Applicable pipes

Steel, stainless steel, copper, PVC, aluminum, fiberglass and other pipes. Lining is allowed.

Signal Output

Signal input

1 way 4~20mA output

1 way OCT output

1 circuit relay output

3 way 4~20mA input

2 way temperature messure

Data interface


Communication protocol



LCD display


16+2 Touch keyboard

Data record

Thermal printer   External SD card

Power supply

Rechargeable NI-MH batteries 2000mAH

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