Syrian customer visit Shengda water meter factory
Last week, Shengda Water Meters had the privilege of hosting esteemed clients from Syria at our factory in Kaifeng. The visit marked a significant milestone as we showcased our cutting-edge production processes and discussed the finer details of their upcoming order. Having previously supplied a batch of prepayment card water meters that garnered great success in the Turkish market, our clients were eager to explore further collaborations. We take immense pride in this partnership.
A Flourishing Partnership:
Our journey with our Syrian clients began with the delivery of a consignment of prepayment card water meters. The product's outstanding quality and efficiency swiftly gained traction in the Turkish market. As a result, our partnership flourished.
Unraveling the Manufacturing Excellence:
During the factory tour, our Syrian clients had the opportunity to witness firsthand the meticulous processes that go into crafting each water meter. From the raw materials selection to state-of-the-art assembly lines, they were deeply impressed by our commitment to quality and precision. Witnessing our passionate team in action further solidified their trust in our capabilities.

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