Smart water meter solution

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What is the Smart water meter

Smart water meter is a new type of water meter based on traditional mechanical water meter, which uses modern microelectronics technology, modern sensing technology and smart IC card technology to measure water consumption, transfer water data and settle transactions.Compared with the traditional mechanical water meter, which can only collect flow and display mechanical pointer, it is a great progress. In addition to recording and electronic display of water consumption, the intelligent water meter can also control water consumption according to the agreement.

According to different functions, Smart water meter solutions can be divided into many types, we classify smart water meter solutions as follows:

Prepaid water meter:Smart card water meter,STS prepaid water meter,Multiple card prepaid water meter.

Wireless remote water meter(IOT water meter):NB-IOT water meter,LoRa water meter and LoRaWAN water meter

Wired remote water meter:water meter with pulse(RS485/M-bus)

Ultrasonic water meter

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