Water Flow Meter Solution

Different water flow meters have unique working principles, advantages and disadvantages, as well as maintenance and use costs. We will provide the most reasonable solution according to the customer's on-site requirements, reduce the budget and reduce the maintenance and use cost

The most common types of water flow meters are turbine (also known as mechanical), vortex flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter and electromagnetic flowmeter.

Turbine flow meter

Turbine flow meter is the most popular and cheapest flowmeter for measuring water flow. It converts the flow rate into the speed of turbine, and then converts the speed into an electrical signal proportional to the flow. This flowmeter is used to detect instantaneous flow and total flow However, the impeller of turbine flowmeter may be blocked by large debris. Turbine flowmeter is more widely used in oil, organic liquid and so on.

Vortex flow meter

Vortex flow meter can also measure water, but this flowmeter is mainly used to measure the volume flow of gas, steam or liquid.

Ultrasonic water flowmeter
Ultrasonic water flowmeter uses ultrasonic to measure flow. In particular, the clamped ultrasonic flowmeter is very suitable for measuring the flow of large pipelines, with a diameter of 6000mm,

Electromagnetic flow meter
Electromagnetic flow meter is especially suitable for measuring water flow. It is widely used in sewage, production water, tap water industry, medicine, steel and many other aspects. Its reliability and stability are much better than other types of flowmeter. Electromagnetic flowmeter can be selected and different solutions can be selected according to the customer's on-site requirements and the customer's requirements for the measured liquid.
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