Wired remote Water Meter Solution

1.What is the Wired remote water meter 

Wired remote water meter is an electronic acquisition module on the mechanical water meter, which can complete the functions of information acquisition, transmission and storage. The water meter can realize the function of remote reading through wired connection, which is conducive to improving the work efficiency of staff and saving labor cost.

2.How does Wired remote water meter works(Wired remote water meter solution)

Wired remote water meter adopts M-BUS and RS-485 bus communication. This communication needs to connect multiple water meters with the concentrator through the cable, and then transmit the collected water meter data to the master station system through the concentrator.

The Wired remote water meter solution consists of water meter with pulse(can choose multi jet water meter,voloumetric water meter,bulk water meter and ultrasonic water meter as basis water meter), water meter collector,concentrator, and remote management platform.
1. Data management layer: the data management platform has the functions of user management, equipment management, meter reading, measurement and charging, data query, remote monitoring and so on.
2. Data Transportation Layer: Transfer water meter data to the remote server through the concentrator.
3, data acquisition layer: The M-BUS collector collects data such as the state and the amount of water meter equipment, etc.

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