Digital water meter

What is digital water meter

Digital water meter is a type of water meter that uses electronic sensors and other technologies to measure the flow of water in a pipe. It consists of a series of sensors and other components, along with a digital display or other device that is used to display the flow rate of the water.

What is digital water meter used for

Digital water meters are commonly used in a variety of applications, including the measurement of water usage for billing purposes, the monitoring of water flow in pipelines and irrigation systems, and the measurement of water flow in industrial processes. They are known for their high accuracy and reliability, and they are often preferred over mechanical water meters due to their ability to provide more precise and timely flow measurements.

How does digital water meter use

To use a digital water meter, you simply need to install the meter in the appropriate location and connect it to the pipe. which can be displayed on the digital display or transmitted to a remote location for monitoring and analysis. The digital water meters also include additional features, such as the ability to connect to the internet or other smart devices, or the ability to detect leaks or other abnormalities in the water flow.

What kinds of digital water meter can be offer by Shengda water meter

Ultrasonic water meter

LoRaWAN water meter

LoRa water meter

NB-IOT water meter

Smart card prepaid water meter

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