LoRaWAN Wireless Water Meter Solution

1.What is the LoRaWAN

Lorawan is a low power wide area network protocol based on LORA radio modulation technology. It connects the device wireless to the Internet and manages communication between terminal node devices and network gateways. The use of Lorawan is growing in industrial space and smart cities, because it is a reasonable remote two-way communication protocol, and power consumption is very low - the device can run on a small battery ten years.

2.What is the LoRaWAN water meter

The LoRaWAN smart water meter can be used multi-jet water meter or ultrasonic water meter as the basis water meter, equipped with LoRaWAN communication module.the measured range can be customized R80,R100,R160,R250,R400 etc.

3.How does LoRaWAN water meter works(LoRaWAN Wireless Remote water meter solution)

The LORAWAN water meter solution consists of LoRaWAN water meter(can choose multi jet water meter,voloumetric water meter,bulk water meter and ultrasonic water meter as basis water meter,water meter gateway, and remote management platform.
1. Data management layer: the data management platform has the functions of user management, equipment management, meter reading, measurement and charging, data query, remote monitoring and so on.
2. Data Transportation Layer: Transfer water meter data to the remote server via 2G/4G/LAN through the gateway.
3, Data acquisition layer: The gateway collects data such as the state and the amount of water meter equipment, remote control, etc.

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