NB-IOT Wireless Water Meter Solution

1.What is the NB-IOT

NB IOT refers to narrow band Internet of things technology. Nb-iot focuses on the low-power wide coverage (lpwa) Internet of things (IOT) market. It is an emerging technology that can be widely used all over the world.

2.What is the NB-IOT water meter

NB IOT wireless remote water meter is a smart water meter with an NB communication module. This module can remotely transmit the data of the water meter to the management system by sensing the signal of the communication base station, and receive the instructions sent by the system at the same time. NB IOT wireless remote water meter connects things through the narrowband cellular Internet of things, realizes the automatic remote meter reading of the water used by the water meter, effectively avoids the door-to-door meter reading of the management department, makes the remote meter reading more convenient, saves manpower and material resources, and effectively improves the efficiency.

3.How does NB-IOT water meter works(NB-IOT Wireless Remote water meter solution)

Nb-IOT solution must require the customer's country to support NB network. Nb-iot smart water meter solution consists of NB-IOT water meter, base station (provided by local telecom operators) cloud server and management platform.
1. Data management layer: the data management platform has the functions of user management, equipment management, meter reading, measurement and charging, data query, remote monitoring and so on.
2. Data Transportation Layer: Transfer water meter data to the remote server via base station.
3, Data acquisition layer:Nb-iot water meter actively uploads data regularlly and sends the status to the base station.

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