STS prepaid water meter solution

1.What is the STS
STS (standard transfer specification) is a global open secure transmission standard and the only international standard for prepayment. As an open standard, STS allows open and fair competition, and all certified products can realize the interconnection between systems. STS standard is supported by an independent non-profit alliance, which is responsible for authorizing, maintaining and developing this standard. STS alliance aims to promote the globalization and internationalization of the standard technology.

2.What is the STS water meter solution
STS prepaid water meter system consists of STS water meter, keypad and management system. The keypad is defined as user interface unit (UIU). STS water meter adopts Lora / infrared communication technology, which can easily communicate with UIU to realize remote meter reading, recharge, parameter query and other functions.
3.How does LoRa water meter works(LoRa Wireless Remote water meter solution)

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