Smart Card prepaid water meter solution

1.What is the Smart card water meter

The smart card prepaid water meter adopt recharging the smart card to buy water firstly and then swiping the card to use water. which changes the traditional water charge mode and solves the problem of charging difficulty. There is no need for manual meter reading, which saves the labor cost. It can well solve the charging problems of residential customers, temporary water customers and frequent arrears customers.

2.How does Smart card water meter works(Smart card water meter water meter solution)

Smart card meter consists of smart card, card reader and management system. Shengda water meter CO.,LTD can provide free networked or non networked management system for our clients.
1. The water management department personnel create a new user account for management.
2. End-users pre-purchase water volume with the smart card from the water management department.
3. The end-user swipe the IC card to the card-swiping area of the water meter. At this time, the LCD of the water meter will display the water volume left and open the valve. The user can use the water.
4. The end-user begins to use water and the remaining water volume decrease. When the water volume left is reaching to a setting amount(such as 3m³), an alarm signal will be generated to remind the end-user to purchase water volume.

We can also offer the other two types prepaid water meter,such as STS prepaid water meter and multi card prepaid water meter.

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