Volumetric Water Meter

The volumetric water meter measures the volume of the actual fluid passing through the water meter. Therefore, the measurement of volumetric water meter is more accurate than that of multi jet water meter. The measurement error of multi jet water meter will have an error of ± 2% according to the passing fluid velocity, while the error of volumetric water meter can be controlled at the level of ± 0.5% or even lower.

Product Description

Volumetric water meters are generally used in precision enterprises or test places because of their accurate measurement effect; The speed water meter is generally used for normal domestic and industrial water.


 High measurement accuracy

 Better sensitivity

 Large flow range

♦ Multi angle installation

♦ Adopt volumetric rotary piston, more accurate for measurement

♦ Remote transmission device can be added upon request

Supply condition



Max work pressure:PN16

Pressure loss:≤0.063Mpa

Water temperature:T30,T50

Standards:ISO4064.Class C


Install:Horizontal, Vertical or inclined

Connection method: BSP Thread

the water meter body can be choose brass,brass with primer and ABS.

Please check the attachment for more information:

Application Range




4.Residential property



Technical Specification

Size Length(mm) Width(mm) Connect thread Weight(Kg)
DN15 115 95 G34B 1

Size Class R=(Q3/Q1) Q4(m³/h) Q3(m³/h)
Q2(L/H Q1(L/H
DN15 C 160 3.125 2.5 25 15.625

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