Water meter types
The water meter can be divided into smart water meter and mechanical water meter,usually the smart water meter used LED display,and mechanical water meter is analog display.

Mechanical water meter is simple,which can be produced by brass,cast iron and plastic,the diameter from DN15~DN900,as usual,the mechical water meter is used in home from DN15~DN50,and diameter above 50mm is usually used for woltman water meter and irriagation water meter.

Smart water meter can be divided in to mechanical water meter with electronic device and electronic water meters.
mechanical water meter with electronic device,this smart water meter retained complete structure of mechanical water meter, and the water meter with electronic device is added on this basis, mainly including IC card water meter and remote water meter(such as LoRaWan water meter,LoRa water meter,NB-IOT water meter and water meter with pulse).

Electronic water meters are divided into mechanical sensing electronic water meters and electronic sensing electronic water meters. The measuring sensor of electronic sensing electronic water meter is based on the principle of electronic or electromagnetic induction. The calculator and indicating device are electronic components, such as ultrasonic water meter,electromagnetic water meter.
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