Municipal prepaid water meters
Municipal prepaid water meters are designed to help reduce the cost of water for municipalities and their customers. These meters allow customers to pay for water in advance, which helps to eliminate costly and time-consuming trips to the local water office. Prepaid meters also help to reduce water loss due to theft, since customers are only able to access the water they have paid for. Additionally, prepaid meters provide municipalities with an additional source of revenue, as they are able to collect payment for water service before it is delivered.
Municipality prepaid water meters typically consist of a meter, software, and a card reader,and smart cards, The meter records the amount of water used. The card reader allows users to insert a prepaid card, which deducts the cost of the water from the card’s balance. This allows users to pay for water service in advance and receive a receipt for the amount paid.

Sheng Da Water Meter is a Chinese manufacturer of water meters for residential, industrial and commercial use. The company produces a wide range of products, including both mechanical and digital water meters, as well as accessories. Sheng Da has an extensive international customer base, and their products have been certified by multiple organizations, including ISO 9001, MID and CE. Their meters are designed to meet the highest quality standards, and they offer a wide range of features, such as a built-in temperature sensor, pulse output and a low-flow accuracy.

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