Prepaid water meter system

Prepaid water meter system is an electronic system used to manage and monitor the supply of water in residential and commercial buildings. It is a type of prepayment system that requires the user to pay for a certain amount of water before they can use it.This type of metering system is used to ensure that users pay for the water they are using, and it can also help ensure that users are not using more water than they can afford. The meter will allow users to add money to their account, and they will be given a warning when they are close to running out of their balance. The meter will then shut off automatically when the balance is depleted.this prepaid water meter system eliminating the need for monthly billing or even the need for a deposit. With the prepaid water meter system, customers can monitor their usage and top up their balance when needed. The system also provides advanced features such as leak detection, automatic shut-off and remote access.This type of metering system is often used in multi-residential dwellings, such as apartment buildings, where it is important to ensure that everyone is paying their fair share for their water usage.

We offered two types prepaid water meter system.

Smart card prepaid water meter system

STS prepaid water meter system

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