Installation of electromagnetic flowmeter
Electromagnetic flowmeter is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, textile, food, pharmaceutical, papermaking and other industries, as well as environmental protection, municipal management, water conservancy construction and other fields The product is mainly used to measure the volume flow of conductive liquid and slurry in closed pipeline, including acid, alkali, salt and other highly corrosive liquids.

Five requirements for installation of electromagnetic flowmeter:
1. There shall be no large vibration source at the installation site, and the pipeline near the instrument shall be reinforced and stabilized;
2. It cannot be installed near large transformers, motors and other equipment that produce large magnetic field to be disturbed by electromagnetic field;
3. When the sensor is connected with the pipe, it shall ensure the full pipe operation
4. The transmitter shell, shielded cable, measuring body and pipes at both ends shall be grounded, and the grounding resistance shall be less than 10 Ω.
5. Straight pipe sections with the upstream 5 times and the downstream 3 times of pipe diameter are required.
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