Bulk Water meter

Water meters with a nominal diameter of 50mm and above are called bulk water meters. Generally, diameter below 50mm water meters are mainly used for domestic water measurement, while bulk water meters are mostly used for industrial and farmland irrigation.

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Product Description

Generally, water meters with nominal diameter less than 40mm are connected with threads, and bulk water metersDN50~DN600 connected with flanges. Of course, we can also produce water meters with DN50 connected with threads.

Shengda water meter CO.,LTD specialized in manufacting bulk water meter more than 26 years,some types of bulk water meter for your choose,such as woltman water meter,ultrasonic water meter and irrigation water meter,remote transmission device can be added on the bulk water meter upon your request,such as LoRa bulk water meter,LoRaWAN bulk water meter,NB-IOT bulk water meter,and bulk prepaid water meter also in our range.

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Application Range

Water resources management

Agricultural irrigation

Garden management

Industrial production

Industrial automatic control and other industries

Technical Specification
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