Connection types of electromagnetic flowmeter
Connection types of electromagnetic flowmeter
1. Flange connection: this connection method is very common. There are flanges that can be connected at both ends of the electromagnetic flowmeter. When connecting with the pipeline, just fix the flange on the flowmeter and the flange on the pipeline with bolts. 
2. Sanitary connection: it is used for the connection of some small-diameter pipes. Sanitary connection is also called tri-clamp connection. Through this connection, electromagnetic flowmeter can be quickly installed and disassembled, and daily cleaning and maintenance are also very convenient.
3. Clamping connection: this method is relatively advanced. Some electromagnetic flowmeters without flanges adopt this connection. The flowmeter can be clamped between two flanges with bolts, and the connection method is relatively simple.
4. Threaded connection: Electromagnetic Flowmeter in general medical and food industries will use this connection method or be used in some small-diameter electromagnetic flowmeter.
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