Faults of electromagnetic flow meter(2)
4. When measuring the mixed medium, if the mixed medium is uneven, the output signal will also fluctuate.
5. Improper selection of electrode material and measured medium leads to chemical action and affects normal measurement. Electrode materials should be selected correctly.
Common faults during operation are generally caused by scaling on the inner wall of the flow sensor, lightning strike and changes in environmental conditions
1.Because electromagnetic flowmeter is often used to measure dirty fluid, it will scale on the inner wall of the sensor after running for a period of time, resulting in failure. These faults are often caused by too high or too low conductivity. If the scaling layer is an insulating layer, the electrode circuit will be open and the electromagnetic flowmeter cannot work normally; If the conductivity of the scaling layer is higher than that of the fluid, the electrode circuit will be short circuited and the electromagnetic flowmeter will not work normally. Therefore, the attached scaling layer in the measuring pipe of electromagnetic flowmeter should be removed in time.
2. Lightning strike is easy to induce high voltage in the circuit of electromagnetic flowmeter and damage the electromagnetic flowmeter.
3. Impact of changes in environmental conditions, such as poor grounding. In this case, once the environmental conditions change and new interference sources appear during operation (such as electric welding on the pipeline near the flowmeter, large transformer installed nearby, etc.), it will interfere with the normal operation of the electromagnetic flowmeter and the output signal of the electromagnetic flowmeter will fluctuate.
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